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Product Sustainability

We make sure the products we sell and the brands we represent are environmentally, and socially concious.

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Shaw Industries
Royalty Carpet
Forbo Flooring
Hunter Douglas
Century Furniture
Norwalk Furniture
Dinec Furniture
Comfort Design
Mirage Hardwood
Homerwood Hardwood
Masland Carpet


Reuse and Recycle!

Koeber's is teamed up with a recycle company that sorts, cleans and uses the old carpet and pad in the making of new products. Let us recycle your existing carpet and pad safely.

Carpet Padding

rebond pad

Koeber's highly recommends our 100% recyclable rebond pad for the long term performance and extended life of the carpet. It is included in all estimated prices we give. Our rebond pad is made from recycled foam material. Koeber's also offers an upgraded Stainmaster memory foam rebond pad that has the CRI Green Label.


Green Flooring Options

hardwood green


Our hardwood floors are prefinished which reduce the chemicals that are introduced into your home. Hardwood is also recycleable and the forests that harvest our hardwood floors are managed for replanting.




green cork


Cork utilizes a part of the tree that is otherwise unuseful to the flooring industry. Legally, the bark on a tree is not permitted to use until the tree reaches 25 years old. Until the bark is used, the tree lives a long life and keeps our air clean while doing it! The finishes on a cork flooring are mostly water based rather than chemical based as well.



green carpet


When carpet is recycled, it is reused to make a variety of different products such as roof shingles. Ask about environment friendly carpet options in store. Many of the mills use a natural-fiber backing attached with less-toxic adhesives too! Most people don't realize that carpet is the biggest filter in your home. It contributes to a healthier air quality by absorbing dust and dirt in the air.



forbo marmoleum green


Marmoleum is made from linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible pigments. Marmoleum is easily recycleable, doesn't offgas chemicals and has a much longer lifecycle than vinyl. Most people don't know that it's naturaly an anti-bacterial floor. This is why you see it in hospitals, grociery stores and other health and food facilities. Marmoleum is a beautiful and eco friendly flooring option.

luxury vinyl tile


Because luxury vinyl tile is a floating floor, there are little to no chemicals involved during installation. This product also has superior cleanability to reduce chemical cleaners used in your home. Simple use water and scrub! Our luxury vinyl tile is entirely waterproof.



bamboo flooring


Bamboo is grass but most people don't realize that when it's matured, it is often lasts longer and is harder than many wood floors. Bamboo when grown actually helps increase a forest's healthy growth of vegetation! When old bamboo is removed, more sunlight is allowed to reach the younger plants, helping stimulate and nurture the plant.


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